Toilet training

You guys!!!! Not long now ’til we say goodbye forever to nappies!!!! Can’t believe it. Funny that all the kids have their different stories with saying their goodbyes to nappies. Tave was done before she was 2, all thanks to my wonderful MIL (so I can’t take any credit there), Benjamin took forever and got both of us soooo frustrated when he was 2.5. However, once he turned 3, he did it all in one day (both night and day!!!!). Luca did it before he turned 3, as it was summer, i just wanted to get it done, and poor child… he had bad eczema all over so if he did pee himself, he’d screamed so much cos the pee would burn his legs!

Now…. the twins. I did dread how to do two kids at once. To be honest, Skyler was ready last year when he turned 2, but i couldn’t be bothered. yes yes, slap my hand and I should’ve done it in the summer. Anyhoooo, now it’s the time!!!! We are now officially doing nappies for night time only. yayyy (i wish you could hear my yay… there’s still a bit of nervousness with the nappy free outing days hahaha)