New season

Hello friends,

it’s been a while since i talked here, or posted anything really. Life has been just so crazy, full on but at the same time, so wonderful. What have I been doing lately you might think? I have been…. homeschooling my eldest, having 4 kiddies still at home (1 is at preschool half the time) but it does take a lot of organising and stuff to make me cope with all the busy-ness of life. Wow, at the time i type this, there are A LOT of things us women do, don’t we? we cook, we clean, we do laundry, we change nappies, we teach, we nurse, we drive our children to their activities, we love our husband and kiddies, we pray, we shower and wash our hair etc etc etc… and still we need to keep somehow looking decent whenever we go in public. If it’s up to me, i’ll be in my trackies, no bra and bun hair on top the whole day. haha.

Real life isn’t it?

I’ve also been slack at keeping my blog open too. I haven’t done much photographing job really… i have turned a few jobs down… as I felt like I couldn’t keep up with it, on top of all the above mentioned jobs. So I am taking a step back in my photography career and really focus on my family. I will use this blog space to communicate whats happening in my life, my family, my realness of life, momhood, and all the other things in between. Until God somehow allow me to do photos again… I am content and happy to have my “Now” season. Season of homeschooling, season of knowing the new me, season of wellness, season of rest, and season to know my God more and more even deeper. Thank you for those of you who have been following me for quite some time… i really do appreciate you, your messages, your encouragements…. it’s a new season, and yes, photos are still coming… and i will take a few photo jobs here and there… if i feel i can take them on.

Praise God, He is so good. yesterday, today and always.