Mental Health Day

yup, it’s one of those post again where i apologize that i haven’t posted anything in months! terrible isn’t it?

We’ve been going MIA really, and sorting things out with the family. As a family, we’ve gone through major diet change to heal our guts. The kids’ skin condition has been driving me bananas, and enough is enough. I’ve been coping with lathering them with cream after cream, sometimes dealing with them waking up scratching and bleed themselves in bed. so….
here it is. We’ve done this diet nearly 8 weeks now and it has really taken the toll of my mental health. it’s hard! Even though to be completely honest, the diet only consists of broth, meat and veges. But oh how everyone misses their carbs! sweet sweet carbs….

With Benjamin home this week (recouping from the cough he’s caught from his sweet brother), i took the fab five to the beach this morning. ohhhh we had so much fun! climbed things, played with water, running around breathing in sea air, i think it did everyone good! Even my eldest said “you’re in a good mood today, mom” gosh, i was so calm. i do love the beach.